The Veterinary Technical Committee of PECS consists of the Director of International Affairs (chairman), Centre Veterinarians and Technical Managers of member AI organizations.

The members the branch organization represents are:


Since 1874 CRV believes that better cows lead to a better life for farmers, their herds and their environment. We are a cooperative, so our farmers are joint owners of CRV. With around 23,000 dairy farmers we always act in the interest of the farmer, that actively contribute to innovation and to CRV’s strategy. Every day we continue our work to improve dairy and beef herds around the world. We supply genetics to more than 60 countries through our network of offices and distributors. Our approach “better cows, better life” creates the perfect balance between healthy and efficient cows.

K.I. Kampen
K.I. Kampen is a Dutch genetic association established 40 years ago by farmers. The company mainly is aimed at durability as a result of high lifetime productions and protein. Later functional traits like udder health, fertility and hoof health had our attention in the young bull selection. These traits will become more and more important in the years to come. K.I. Kampen’s selection criteria have been the same for 40 years now. We only added a genomic test in the selection criteria to avoid disastrous defects. From the start the goal was to breed the long lasting dairy cow that will give the optimum contribution to farm profit. That has given us a good market position in The Netherlands.

K.I. SAMEN is a leading breeding partner for cattle farmers and stands out for its customised advice for genetic solutions. With this, we offer our customers a problem-free cow with optimal lifetime production and a maximum yield. Our practical approach is close to the cattle farmer and is proven itself in practice: we breed the practical cow of tomorrow! We do this out of our tradition as a family business in an honest, transparent and practical way with proven solutions.

KI de Toekomst
KI de Toekomst is a Semen Collection Centre where donor bulls are kept and where the semen is collected, processed and stored in an approved collection, processing and storage centre in accordance with EU regulation 2020/686. As a result, the produced straws can be traded throughout Europe and, if the results are favorable (for the requirements set by a non-EU country), also outside Europe. In addition to the Semen Collection Centre, KI de Toekomst can also arrange the import and export of straws and/or embryos for other parties. We have an EU-approved storage centre, so that EU-approved straws and/or embryos can be delivered from our location to other AI companies and livestock farmers. In addition to the third-party bulls in our Semen Collection Centre, we also have our own breeding program. For an overview of our bulls, visit our website

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